Monday, May 10, 2010

Verb there to be and furniture vocab

Sorry everybody, I had problems with my laptop on Friday and I couldn't post anything this weekend... :(

On Thursday I used pictures again to talk about the verb there is/are and also practice furniture vocabulary. I've found some great pictures in some decoration magazines. They were full of details of all parts of a house. The students had to study the pictures, check new words they would need and describe it. After that they exchanged pictures and asked questions each other. "Is there a rug? Yes, there is." It was very nice and easy! Of course I kept the pictures so I can use them with other groups too!


  1. Dear Jaque, you're so funny! Even the pictures and the white table? Hehehe

  2. Really???? Is it exactly the same? ops, sorry, I'll try not to do that anymore...

  3. No problem, dear, it means that you admire me and my job as well. Keep up the "great" (and original) work!