Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guessing game

Today I played the gessing game with my students in order to make them practice everyday objects vocabulary. I put lots of things in a cloth bag (a ruler, a light bulb, a mug, a magazine) and asked them to touch it and guess what there was in it. They took notes and look up the new words in the dictionary. Finally I asked them to tell out loud their guesses and mark one point for each right object. Who had the biggest numbers of points won. They are very competitive and they loved it!


  1. Very nice your blog. I used to teach English as private teacher, but now I have some others priorities so I had to put classes aside.
    I also have a blog for English learnings it is a little bit out of date but it worth ago.

    My best wishes.

    Paulo Sidney

  2. Hey Paulo, nice having you here. I`ll take a look at your blog. Thanks for your comment. Be welcome to become a follower! bye