Tuesday, May 11, 2010

USA map puzzle

Last January I traveled to US and brought some tools for my English lessons. One of them was an "USA floor puzzle". I thought it would be nice with the kids. I was right, they loved it!
The map is very collorful, big pieces and full of pictures of famous places like the Stone Mountain, Statue of Liberty, bridges, fruit and animals. Everything in its right State or city.
Here is my idea:
First, we moved to another classroom where there was more space and we could make more noise. In addition, it's nice to change the routine sometimes, hehehehe
Then, I told them to solve the puzzle.
After that, they practiced pronunciation by saying the names of some States and cities. It's important because sometimes they've heard about it and pronounce it wrong. (e.g. New York pronouced "niu iórqui ")
I wrote on the board 10 famous sights and they had to find them and write on their notebooks where those places were. ( e.g. The Stone Mountain is in Atlanta.)
Finaly, they look for 5 names of fruit and 5 names of animal and 5 sports checking spelling and pronunciation together.
During the whole class I asked question to remind them about those places appearing movies or the news. They had fun and learned lots of things at the same time.

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