Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Free Conversation Class

Today I prepared my lesson about a movie that I haven`t seen yet, but I`ve heard a lot about... ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Actually I`ve had the idea after visiting

I started asking my student questions about movies and actors in general and then I handed out the worksheet I had prepared previously. How did I prepare it?

I searched on the internet some information about the movie (characters, crew, plot and movie review). I also added 2 grammar exercises: to find spelling mistakes in one extract from the book and to find the prepositions.(I`ve found the extracts on my mini school blog)

After that I collected some information about Johnny Depp`s personal and professional life, like a biography with a lot of interesting information. He`s one of my favorite actors, so I enjoyed reading about him. Did you know that Nicholas Cage helped him with his first acting job? And that he dropped out school when he was 16?

Anyway, my class was great. My student loves the story because she had read the books and even before we started she said she would like to watch Alice in wonderland...We had a lot of new words to discuss meanings and uses.


  1. Hi there, Jaqueline! I'm glad my idea worked with you!Looking for some of the actor's personal information on the Net has made the activity even more interesting! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks Bianca! You've inspired me! hehehe