Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last letter game!

When there are 5 minutes left and you have finished everything you prepared try this game: one student say a word ( book ) and the next student must say another word that starts with the last letter ( knife ) and so on. You can play it with adults or kids, beginners or advanced students, big or small groups. It`s fun and they review most of their vocabulary! Enjoy your last 5 minutes!


  1. Oooops!! I guess I've already seen this activity somewhere...(rs).Jaqueline, I'm really happy to have you as one of my followers. It's really nice to know that I've inspired you so badly that you've decided to have a blog just like mine! Thanks for mentioning!

  2. Yeah, actually I had applied this activity before with my students too... You've just reminded me.
    But don't worry I'll find something new for you too, I hope!

  3. Hi
    I´m following your blog and I also have mine and i have video classes uploaded there.
    Is it possible to share information and maybe a link on each other´s blog??