Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reported speech: Lady Gaga interview

Hey colleagues! The best idea I had this morning was about reported speech: Watch a video!
A whole movie would be too much and a scene would be very difficult to select just one... then I thought: teens love Lady Gaga, why not watch a video of an interview with one of the hottest singers at the moment! I've found it on Youtube. It's a very short interview (there were a lot there). The students were supposed to watch once and make coments. Furthermore, they should watch again and write down some information or just words they got. And finally I gave them the "script" in order to discuss new vocabulary and stuff. As homework they have to report all the interview and hand it out to me next class. They loved it because there is some very nice info about the singer's life and career on that video. Have a nice class!

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